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We would like to provide you with important information and assist you in your educational journey.  Our goal is to work collaboratively with you and your parents and to provide support in your academic endeavors, emotional growth, and social development.

The Council Rock High School North Counseling/Career Center is an excellent resource and we trust you will take advantage of it throughout your high school career.  It is located on the first floor east, just beyond the main entrance, and contains many resources on college and career exploration.  In addition, the Counseling/Career Center is home to our social worker and CARES team.

We encourage you to utilize our website, as it offers answers to many frequently asked questions and provides resources to assist you with your current and future educational needs. On the grade level pages, you will find your assigned counselor and counselor contact information. Your assigned counselor will remain with you throughout your high school career.

If you need to communicate with your counselor for any reason, please stop in the counseling center or send an email to your counselor to schedule a time to do so. 

We look forward to the start of school!

North Counseling


Naviance Student is a comprehensive online tool which enables students and parents to navigate the career and college planning process. Naviance Student enables students to create and maintain a resume and a list of prospective colleges, complete career assessments and college searches, request transcripts, and much, much more! All students will be signed on to their accounts as freshmen and parents will be invited to create a limited access parent account. Click on the logo above to access your Naviance Student account.


Child advocates who work cooperatively with the educational staff, parents, and community.

Educational specialists who assist students with their social, emotional, and educational development.

Human resource specialists who assist students, parents, and educational staff through counseling, consultation, and coordination. Click the link below to see our full brochure Role of the School Counselor     

*The links and websites offered on this site are updated frequently for accuracy. Council Rock High School North Counseling Center is not accountable for purchased or changed sites that are no longer available.

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CR North Counseling Team

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Maureen Auerbach

Joe DeMaio
Stephen Hrabyk
Lori Katz
Bryan McKeever
Cristina Rabayda
Abby Rogers