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SAT ACT - Registration and Test Day Instructions

Standardized Tests Registration and Test Day Instructions     All students taking the SAT & ACT must have:
  • Acceptable photo I.D. : (School/Government-issued, original and valid(unexpired), matches registration information)
  • Photo Admission Ticket.

 No student will be allowed to test without these two pieces of information.

  • No. 2 Pencils with Soft Eraser
  • Acceptable Calculator

Students registered to test at Council Rock HS North should arrive between 7:30 and 7:55 AM the morning of the test with their Photo ID and Admission ticket to the East Entrance.  The doors will lock at exactly 8 AM.   Registration: (must complete online):  Please Note - For both SAT and ACT tests:

  • All students are required to provide a photo to register for standardized tests.
  • Stand-by registration is no longer available. 
  • Changes to test center, test date, or test type will not be permitted on test day.  Any changes will have to be submitted directly to the testing agency at least two weeks prior to test day.

CRN School Code: 392985 CRN Test Center #: 39-468    

Upcoming ACT Dates, Deadlines, and Score Release Dates

ACT Test Dates

Registration Dates

Score Release Dates

July 15, 2023

June 16

July 25th*

Sept. 9, 2023

Aug. 4th

Sept. 21st*

October 28, 2023

Sept. 22nd

Nov. 8th*

December 9, 2023

Nov. 3rd

Dec. 19th*

February 10, 2024

Jan. 5th

Feb. 20th*

April 13, 2024

March 8th

Apr. 23rd*

June 8, 2024

May 3rd

Jun 18th*

*Asterisk indicates anticipated score release dates.

Upcoming SAT Dates, Deadlines, and Score Release Dates

SAT Test Dates

Registration Dates

Score Release Dates

August 26, 2023

Jul 28th

Sept. 8th

October 7, 2023

Sept. 7th

Oct. 20th

November 4, 2023**

Oct. 5th

             Nov. 17th

December 2, 2023

Nov. 2nd

             Dec. 15th

March 9, 2024*

Feb. 23rd

not yet available

May 4, 2024*

Apr. 19th

not yet available

June 1, 2024*

May 17th

not yet available

*Asterisk indicates Digital SAT test dates 

To Register Click Here: 

Please check College Board to find nearby testing locations for the August and Demember test administrations.  

Score Release Dates and Retrieval Information

 Register for the ACT here     Test Day Instructions: Helpful Links
  SAT Registration & Test Day Checklist

SAT Cell Phone Policy

SAT Test Day Policies    Regardless of the standardized test you choose to take, it is your responsibility to ensure that each of your colleges receives the required test score, as standardized test scores are not reported on your official transcript.  In order to arrange for this, please visit the appropriate testing website