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Parking Rules & Regulations

CRHS North Parking Rules & Regulations

Parking on the grounds of Council Rock High School North is a privilege offered to qualifying students by the administration.  The prerequisites are high.  The administration reserves the right to deny and/or revoke the student parking privilege at any time during the school year.  Please read the below carefully!!


To qualify for senior student parking privileges:

  • Submit the lottery application form on time and be selected.
  • Have not received a grade of “F” or “I” as a final class or marking period grade
  • Have no more than 5 unexcused latenesses for the previous semester
  • Have no more than 3 unexcused absences for the previous semester
  • Have no existing obligations
  • Have received no parking violations during the previous school years
  • Have a valid driver’s license


To receive a parking permit, you must present the following items at registration:

  • A completed Parking Registration Form (printed and fully filled out, including signatures).
  • A valid driver’s license
  • A current insurance card.
  • A current registration card (owner’s card).
  • Registration fee of $50 cash (must have exact change) or check (made payable to CR North Parking).
    • Season passes for athletes will be $20 per season or $50 if selected for all 3 seasons.


**Permits will not be issued if any of this information is incomplete**

If any information is missing, you will be turned away and will have to register at a later date.


Parking Rules & Regulations:

  1. Always obey the speed limit on school property.
  2. Always obey traffic rules and regulations and follow directions from security personnel.
  3. You must give school buses and pedestrians the right-of-way at all times.
  4. You must continue to meet the grade and obligation criteria in all subsequent marking periods. Any failures will terminate your parking permit until the next marking period.
  5. You may not be absent more than ten times in the current school year. (Absences for which you present a doctor’s note on doctor’s stationery will be exempt).
  6. You may not leave school grounds or be truant from school.
  7. You will lose your driving privilege if you accumulate 7 unexcused late sign-ins.
  8. You may not cut class during the school year.
  9. You may not be suspended for any reason.
  10. You may not park any unregistered car on school property, or park in staff parking.  If you must drive a different car to school, you must notify Ms. Gessner in advance with the car information pertaining to the make/model/color and license plate of your temporary card.  Please be sure to display your parking permit in the car you will be driving.
  11. You must park within the lines designated for student parking and in your assigned spot.
  12. Permits are not transferable for any reason!  You may not transfer, lend, or copy your parking permit for any other student. You are the only person who has permission to use your parking tag and parking space. You may not switch or exchange parking spots with any other student.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in tickets for all involved or permanent loss of your parking permit.
  13. You may not register another student’s car.  Doing so will result in the loss of parking privileges.
  14. You must report all accidents and/or vandalism involving your car on school property to security.
  15. On days of inclement weather, you are expected to ride the school bus. Student drivers will not be dismissed early.   
  16. CRHS North reserves the right to have unauthorized cars removed from the parking lot.
  17. Revoked parking permits must be removed and turned into Ms. Gessner or Security immediately.
  18. Parking fees will not be refunded.
  19. By registering and/or parking a car on CRHS North property, you are consenting to a search of the car upon the request of a CR administrator. Council Rock School District has contracted with Interquest to work inside and outside of our schools for detection of illegal contraband. Vehicles parked on CRHS North property are subject to search if deemed necessary.
  20. Only vehicles with permits will be permitted to park on school property.  Any student that parks without a permit will be subject to discipline and fines.
  21. A parking permit must be on your vehicle for you to park on the school parking lot.  While your car is parked on school property, your permit must be properly displayed on your rear view mirror or dash. Only registered cars are permitted on school property.
  22. Should you lose your parking permit, there is a $5.00 fee to replace it.
  23. CRHS North is not responsible for damages/losses caused by car accidents, thefts or vandalism on its premises.