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Questions that might come up when dealing with CR North's technology

1. Passwords: a few important things to keep in mind!

Please review this before the next time you change your computer/network/email password.

Don't immediately try to get into systems such as MUNIS, OTS, TAC or e-school just after you change your password. 

Just before you change your password, close all those other systems. Then you can safely change your password after logging in by using CTRL-ALT-DEL and click change a password.

Read any red X messages carefully while you are doing this, they will tell you the correct procedure.

If MUNIS, OTS, TAC or eSchool are not taking your new password, WAIT and try again later.

Sherpa Desk will not ask for a password, only your email, so you can enter a Sherpa Desk ticket at someone else's computer. 

3. What do I do when I get locked out of my computer?

It will reset itself in about 25 minutes and you can try again. If you really messed up your account and can't log in in 25 minutes, try your old password.    

If that does not work put in a Sherpa ticket. Use a colleague’s computer to access SherpaDesk.

4. What to do if your multimedia projector bulb blows?

Contact the library, and we will let you know if we have a replacement bulb in stock. (We need to know what kind of projector you have in your room to make sure we have the correct bulb, as all projectors do not take the same bulb ex: 82CPowerlite)

Send a student for it if you are in the middle of class or come after your class.

Next contact Maintenance to replace it as soon as they can.

Then contact your department Coordinator to let them know; they will need to replace the bulb for the library. (Bulb money comes from department money.)

5. How do I get a laptop/projector cart?

You may sign out a projector cart to use while your bulb is getting replaced. Send a student to the library, if in the middle of class, or stop by and get one yourself.

6. Software Updates:  

Occasionally check for software updates in Software Center. Here’s how:

Open the Software Center by clicking Start > All Apps > Microsoft System Center > Software Center

After opening“Software Center,” you are presented with a list of the software that is available for you to install.

You should close other programs before you continue.

If you are ready to install software, highlight it or check box it and click the install button.

You may see a popup to tell you the status of the installer, it might ask you to restart. If your computer prompts you to restart, please do so.

Please feel free to contact one of the Tech Coaches to have one of your questions answered and added to the list!