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Mission Statement

CRN Sports Medicine

Council Rock North Sports Medicine

Mission Statement

The Sports Medicine Program of Council Rock High School North is dedicated to providing quality medical care to the athletes of the freshman, junior varsity and varsity athletic programs. To provide the best care possible the sports medicine team will make use of only the most respected and tallented medical professionals in their respective fields. The core of this team is to be the certified athletic trainer, whom is also the on-site coordinator, and the orthopedic physician. Together the core of the sports medicine team will enlist the help of other health professionals to address any possible medical needs presented by the student athletes.

The student athletes of Council Rock North should feel that their heath is the number one priority of the sports medicine program. There will be no favoritism by any medical professional toward any student athlete of the Council Rock North Athletic Department. Each athlete will be evaluated, and treated on a case-by-case basis. Each athlete has the right to know the diagnosis, treatment plan, and approximate length of rehabilitation of their injury. The sports medicine team will act to answer any question brought by student athlete or parent pertaining their injury or rehabilitation.

The sports medicine team will work closely with the coaching and strength and conditioning staff to provide appropriate preventative strengthening and stretching programs. Also the coaches will be informed participants in the rehabilitation of their athletes. Communication between the sports medicine team, student athlete, coaching staff, and parents allows the student to be returned to activity as quickly and as safely as possible.

Through our dedication to the student athlete, the Council Rock North Sports Medicine Program aims to become the leader in high school sports medicine care in the state.