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Criteria for Maintaining Membership in the

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH)

Council Rock High School North Chapter


Members must maintain the following averages in Spanish Class:

      A average in Spanish 2H

      A average in Spanish 3H

      B average in Spanish 4H

      B average in AP Spanish


If a member receives a C or lower for a marking period grade,the student will be put on probation until his grade rises.  A warning letter will be sent to the student to notify him of his status and encourage improvement.  If the student’s grade at the end of the year is a C or lower, the student’s membership will be revoked.

·       Members must maintain a B average in all other subjects (Spanish may not be used to calculate this average.)

·       Members must fulfill their credit requirement for each year of membership.

Yearly Requirement for members enrolled in a Spanish class: 


Yearly Requirement for members not enrolled in a Spanish class:

10 CREDITS                                           

Criteria for wearing Spanish Honor Society Cords at Senior Graduation Ceremony

Members must be a graduating SHH Member who has maintained Member in Good Standing status during every year of membership.