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SNB What is it


Fall 2020 Cabaret - Max Ondik



So What Exactly is this club?

Sock ‘n’ Buskin, Council Rock North’s theatre club, was founded in 1967 under the direction of Mr. David R. Harris. At that time, about thirty young students with an intense interest and excitement about theatre began doing plays at Council Rock. Forty years later, the club has an annual membership of one hundred fifty students. Instead of one advisor, Sock ‘n’ Buskin has many committed adults who are willing to share their expertise, time and energy with students who want to learn more about theatre. Instead of just a fall show and spring show, the club does as many as seven plays a year and is involved with many other school related activities.

New members of the club often wonder what, after all, is a “sock” and a “buskin”. The club’s name comes from footwear used in ancient Greek theater. Like the masks of comedy and tragedy, the “sock” refers to a soft shoe worn by ancient actors - usually used in comedies or lighter fare. A “buskin” was a harder shoe or boot worn in more serious dramatic work.

We believe that the theatre provides a rich and rewarding experience for those students who are willing to dedicate themselves to it. The theatre will test the limits of your abilities, not only as actors and technicians, but also as young adults who must commit yourselves to a production, its cast, and crew. It will teach important lessons about dedication, meeting deadlines, and working with others.

All students at Council Rock North – grades 9 through 12 - are eligible to participate in Sock ‘n’ Buskin activities and productions and are given EQUAL opportunity to be cast or chosen for crew chief and staff positions. Students work on all aspects of productions, from programs and front of house, to set construction and lights, to stage managing and assistant directing. Everyone is encouraged to get involved.