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Ski and Snowboard Club

initial announcement


General Information:  

Faculty Advisors:

Mrs. Maccarella; Mrs. Rook

Student Leadership:

To be elected-Please indicate interest / self-nominate in the 2023/2024 Interest Survey!  (Link to the right!)

Co Presidents:

William Beldowicz; Aidan Buck


Valentina Capitelli; Vittoria Capitelli; Nikos Katsos;Devianna Lepore; Sienna Giordano


* No Cash Accepted

Trip Dates 2023/2024:

Friday January 19

Saturday January 27

Saturday February 3

Friday  February 9

Friday February 23

Trip Day Schedule:


Membership Checklist

All forms are posted in Canvas

*NO REFUNDS for Bus or prepaid grub

Approximate Cost: 

Season Pass:

Seasonal Pass to Blue Mountain:  Two different passes are available. Students are only required to purchase the student off peak pass ($229 approx) for CRN Ski and Board purposes; however, students are welcome to purchase a full season pass ($675 approx) if desired. Please click here for more information! All season passes must be purchased through the CR North Ski and Board Portal

BlueMountain Portal: Linked Here

Equipment Rental:

Blue Mountain Resort: $90.00 Seasonal Rental

Blue Mountain Portal: Linked Here

Lang Ski and Scuba, Newtown: Seasonal Rental: $TBD (this option allows for more ski/board slope time, as the Blue Mountain equipment must be picked up and dropped off at Blue's rental center every trip)


Starr Bus: Approx Cost: $40.00 Per Trip

Pre-Ordered Grub: Optional

Provider and Price - TBD