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Mr Sherpinsky s Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy:

W  hen you

E   nter this

L   ittle room

C   onsider yourself

O   ne of the special

M  embers of a group who

E   njoys working and learning together! 

  When I began teaching I searched for a philosophy I could adopt that embodied what a modern-day educator needs to do to be successful. This philosophy is used with permission from one of the professors from MCCC and represents that goal and what I try to practice everyday as a teacher.  
Mr. S
My philosophy of education promises a firm commitment to educate students to their highest potential.  To fulfill this academic mandate, I strive to make my instruction collaborative, communicative, and customized.


Effective collaborative learning involves a consistent, mutual effort by both the instructor and the student. My role as instructor increasingly moves to that of facilitator or guide. As this occurs, my students and I become partners in moving them toward self-discovery and content mastery in my discipline.


To make my instruction communicative, I begin with a syllabus which is clear, concise, and complete. I encourage regular questions in class, supply careful directions for all assignments, tests, and projects, and offer honest, detailed commentary on all student work.


Customized education promises to be tomorrow’s tradition. Customization in my classes begins with my recognition of diversity in learning styles and comprehension rates, as well as cultural, economic, intellectual, and emotional variety among my students. Customizing my students’ learning also requires my willingness to consider my students’ work, home, and life needs, with a firm purpose of helping them to learn around those obligations which burden their lives.

    My Discipline Philosophy
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My philosophy of student discipline is that it is another opportunity to intervene on behalf of students in need of corrective help. I'm not interested in being punitive, but in creating opportunities for students to grow by accepting responsibility for their actions.  I believe the essential elements of any discipline philosophy can be summed up in this quote by John Maxwell, “a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”       My Words of Wisdom  

People do not change that much…

Do not try to waste time trying to put in what was left out…

Try to draw out what was left in…

When helping students develop, I try to find the right fit, not simply the next rung on the ladder. I always encourage students to value excellence in every role – I encourage students to explore alternative career paths – alternative routes toward growth, self-respect, and personal prestige…    My favorite personalized quote; Your reputation, promises, and actions determine who you are... I call this your personal brand... Ask yourself one simple question...How do you want to be known as? If the answer is anything less than yourself... Take a class with me and I will show you the way!                ~ Sherp-A-Palooza