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Mr Sherpinsky s Cooperative Education Philosophy

Cooperative Education Program

Mr. Sherpinsky's

Personal & Professional

Cooperative Education Philosophy

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Mr. S

I believe any cooperative education program must have three basic objectives:

1) Career Awareness and Exploration: CO-OP experiences allow students to explore their career interests without long-term commitment. This leads to better career decisions, an understanding of career interests, and higher motivation in school.

2) Education: CO-OP students get the chance to apply classroom concepts to workplace projects. This reinforces concepts already learned in school and motivates future learning.

3) Partnership: CO-OP fosters collaboration with employers, students, and the school. Employers get high quality, motivated, students willing to learn and explore. Students gain useful “real world” experience, exposure to state of the art equipment, methods, and facilities, and enhance their marketability to future employers. Schools can offer programs and opportunities to students that increase overall effectiveness, both academically and professionally.

I truly believe that CO-OP is a unique program that builds the foundation and delivers the tools necessary to help any student reach their career, academic, and life goals.