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Instrumental Groups

  • Concert Band provides playing and performance opportunities for 10-12 grade band students not participating in the marching program. A wide variety of music literature and styles is involved. Participation is required in a limited number of public performances and selected evening rehearsals. Acceptance in the band is based on individual competence on a band instrument, and registration of concert band as a course on a student's roster. (New students may join during registration via the director.) The concert band meets twice weekly during the school day. Graduation credit and a letter grade are awarded for participation.
  • Concert Jazz Band has established an award winning reputation. Selected the outstanding band at the New Orleans Music Festival, the group is very active and participates in many competitions and festivals, as well as community and school functions. Generally, performances take place on weekends. Members (grades 10-12) are chosen by audition. Practices are two days per week from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM. Usually this group performs as a part of the marching band's bi-annual trip. All practices and performances are mandatory.
  • Dixie Band membership (grades 10-12) is by audition. Announced yearly, auditions are held in the fall of the school year. Students are exposed to a wide variety of jazz literature and styles. Improvisation opportunities are provided and jazz band ensemble playing is stressed. The band performs for selected school activities and public events. Rehearsals are once per week (2:30 PM until 5:00 PM). Attendance at performances is mandatory.
  • Marching/Concert Band participants may range from grades 10-12. Membership is by pre-registration for all woodwinds and brasses at course selection time. Membership in the percussion section of the band also requires an audition in the Spring preceding the school year. In May of the preceding school year, all band members receive a full rehearsal and performance schedule. Students must be competent on their instruments and willing to work for the musical and marching skills necessary to maintain the band's quality. Participation in football games, competitions, exhibitions, rehearsals, and band camp are all mandatory. The band meets three times each week during school. Graduation credit and a letter grade are awarded for participation. From September through November, the band practices after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Additional practices will be scheduled as needed for occasional participation in local, national, and international events. Students accepted into the band are expected to meet these commitments. At the conclusion of the football season, the focus shifts to concert music.
  • Orchestra membership (grades 10-12) is open to violin, viola, cello, and double bass players. Brass, woodwind, and percussion players will be admitted with the approval of the director. Standard symphonic literature will be studied, as well as lighter pop and show selections. The orchestra program begins in September and operates throughout the school year, meeting three times each week during the school day. Graduation credit and a letter grade are awarded for participation. A minimum of evening or after school rehearsals is required; generally, these occur prior to performances. The ensemble may also compete in a National Music Festival or competition.
  • Symphonic Band membership (grades 10-12) is selected by ability from the Indian Marching Band. All members must audition. As part of the marching band, this group has been evaluated highly on a national level. The band meets three times per week during the school day. Graduation credit and a letter grade are awarded for participation. A minimum of extra rehearsals are held prior to major performances. All members must take part in marching and concert band activities throughout the year. The ensemble may take part in a National Music Festival or competition.