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  OR   for more information read the CO-CURRICULAR DIRECTORY
  Co-Curricular Directory updated 10.19.2022

Getting involved - that's the purpose of student activities at Council Rock High School North.  Student life should be more than just academic and curricular involvement.  We are very proud of Council Rock North's student activities program.  Student activities become the means by which a well-rounded student is molded.  Students find the intangibles they cannot receive in the classroom.  Students learn to meet people, to understand them, and to like them.  Leadership qualities are developed as well as discovering respect and consideration for others. 

  Each club, team, and organization is open to new members and would welcome your participation.  The student activities program is diversified and of the highest quality.  There is no better way to meet students with similar interests in a co-curricular activity.   If you have a question regarding any aspect of our co-curricular program, please stop by the Student Activities Office and speak to one of our staff members.      At CR North, students make the difference.  Get involved.  Make a difference.  Accept the challenge.

Visit the Club Websites Page for more information or download the Co-Curricular Directory.