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Health Activism Club

CR North Health Activism Club 

Advisor: Jess Abbot
5K for Pediatric Cancer Sunday, May 1, 2016-  Click HERE for the registration form. Club History:
2008 - Autism (AJ Foundation and Neighborheart)
2009 - ALS (Greater Philadelphia ALS Association)
2010 - Leukemia (National Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation)
2011 - Diabetes (American Diabetes Association)
2012 - Multiple Sclerosis (National MS Society)
2013 - Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's Association)
2014 - Parkinson's Disease (National Parkinson's Foundation)
2015 - Mental Health (National Alliance on Mental Illness - NAMI)
2016 - Pediatric Cancer (Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House and Pediatric Cancer Foundation)

Current Club Officers:
Kate Mullen, President
Anshul Ramanathan, Vice-President
Madison Spada, Secretary
Julia Littman, Treasurer
Brielle Reich and Alyssa Thorpe, Public Relations
Amanda Johnson and Shannon Strivieri, Fundraising Chairs