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Competitive Events Page

Questions about competitive events? Email your questions to:

Competitive Events Brochure  For an updated List and Information about competitive events.... Visit Events   


Why should I compete? The competitive events program exemplifies the range of activities and focus of the FBLA experience. These events are based on business education curricula, the goals of FBLA-PBL, and current career competencies.


What does competition do for its members? FBLA is committed to facilitating the transition of its members from their educational development into their career path. The competitive events program plays a central role in delivering on this commitment. The program allows members to demonstrate and validate their mastery of essential business concepts, skills, and knowledge. In addition, members participating in this program will:
  • demonstrate their career competencies, business knowledge, and job-related skills;
  • expand their leadership skills;
  • demonstrate their competitive spirit; and
  • receive recognition for their achievements.

The FBLA competitive events program is designed to correlate with nationally recognized business curriculum standards. For instance, members participating in competitive events demonstrate their mastery of the Foundation Skills and Competencies outlined by the SCANS Workplace Skill Standards. FBLA events have been fully correlated with the Business Education Curriculum Standards published by the National Business Education Association. Each event's guidelines indicate the specific NBEA standards that the event addresses.   Special Competitive Events links and resources    

NOTE: You Must Be A Registered Member of FBLA to Register for any Competitive Event!  

We Have Practice Exams in each Event..... Come See Me!!! NOW!