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Judging Resources by Format

Please use this website

Harvard Congress Resources:

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Big Question (BQ) - move to debate - note these three as supplemental events  

Video -

 Big Questions / BQ - Judge Training

BQ Judge Primer - 2021 / 2022

BQ Ballot 2021 - 2022

Extemp Debate

High School Supplemental and Consolation Events Guide please see page 27 for Extemp Debate.pdf

*please scroll down to page 27    

Move the link above to the top of the page for general insight and also add NCFL link for general overview, provide insight, scroll to bottom 

Parliamentary Debate 

NJ rules Parliamentary Debate

NY Rules - Parli Debate

Additional - added 2/22

Asynch Recordings

Asynch Recordings - PDF

Judging Congress

Other Judge / Tabroom insight

Speech Judging - Quick Sheet

Nationals - NCFL - NSDA - TOC

NSDA judging video -

Judging Video - Time Stamp and Outline

Judging Video - Time Stamps Only

Extemp Practice Question Demonstration

Practice Ideas / Drills

Prose Starter Kit

Impromptu Starter Kit

Declamation Starter Kit

Poetry Starter Kit

Prose Starter Kit

Start Here: Teaching Policy Debate

Start Here: Teaching Public Forum Debate

Start Here: Teaching Middle School Public Forum

Start Here: Teaching Lincoln Douglas

Start Here: Teaching Middle School Interpretation

Start Here: Teaching Public Speaking

Updated Congress - Judges Check List

Updated Congress Judges Guidelines

Performance Breakdown: Crafting a Duo Interp

NSDA - Rules, Forms & Manuals

Add Middle School manual link and also NCFL link to rules 

NSDA Learn - courses for coaching various formats