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Council Rock High School North - Department of Choral Activities - 215-944-1335 - 



Students interested in becoming a member of Rhythm of the Rock should prepare a pop song of their choice, a cappella, that Highlights Their Voice. In other words, do not pick a song that is too high or too low in your range. Sing something that showcases your talent. Be prepared to perform the song, so having the selection memorized is a plus. 

The Call Back List will be posted the day following 1st auditions. Students selected for a Call Back Audition must learn a short a cappella piece that will be posted on this website. It is imperative that anyone who is called back learns the piece for the audition. Rhythm of the Rock is highly competitive and only those who work the hardest will be accepted in the group.

Sock 'n Buskin Theatre

Please Click  Here for information about auditioning for Sock 'n' Buskin.