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Technology Education Department

Department Goal:  

The Technology Education program is designed to help individuals understand a technological culture. As an integral part of the total program of education at Council Rock, courses in the Technology Education department provide opportunities for students to gain experience in industrial skills and processes, and explore possible career paths and college majors in the technical fields within the confines of the standard academic day. Students who take advantage of the courses offered will gain an understanding and appreciation for the human component of the technological world.

  Courses in the department offer hands-on experience with projects designed for the students to take home. Materials costs are partially defrayed by the school supplies budget allocation, but many courses include lab fees to cover expenses above and beyond. Parents are welcome to contact class instructors to discuss concerns regarding the lab fees.   The departmental safety and lab fee policies are given to each student on the first day of class for parenta signatures, indicating agreement with these policies. If you need a copy, or just would like to take a look, a PDF version is available here