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Policies- Answers to FAQ about School Policies

Council Rock High School North

Brief Overview of Frequently Asked Policies

Lateness to School/Class

The school day begins at 7:33 and students are expected to be in their 1st period class at this time. If a student arrives to school:

-          Between 7:33 – 7:38, students are to report directly to their 1st period class.

-          After 7:38, students must sign-in at the attendance desk to receive a pass to their 1st period class.

-          After 8:00,  it will be considered a cut from class.

Please review page 31 of the student handbook for disciplinary procedures. Students must turn in a note from a parent/guardian justifying their lateness for it to be considered excused. A lateness occurrence that does not fall within the state guidelines as legal or the failure to turn in a note will be considered unexcused.

Absent Notes

Students must submit an absent note signed by a parent or guarding within three days after their return to school. Detailed information pertaining to attendance may be found on page 27 of the student handbook. Parents/guardians are also able to submit the absence excuse message electronically. To register and for more detailed directions, please review the information posted in the Information section of the CRHS North website.

Family Trips

Requests for family trips must be made, in writing, to the corresponding grade level administrator ten days prior to the anticipated absence.  The student will receive a Request for Absence Form, with your attached note, which will be presented to the student’s teachers for their signature and comments.  A total of five family trip absences will be approved in a school year.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devises (i.e. MP3 players, iPADS, iPODS)

Students are allowed to bring electronic devices to school. They may use them in the hallways and cafeteria. Teachers continue to maintain discretion as to the possible use of such devices within their own classrooms. If a student is found utilizing any electronic device without teacher permission in the classroom, in any "private" areas, such as bathrooms and/or locker rooms, or in unsafe area (stairwells) it will be confiscated and turned over to the grade level administrator.

Student Attire

This is a climate controlled building and the student dress policy does not permit tube tops, net tops, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, and plunging necklines (front or back). If student attire has a hood, it must be kept down at all times. Pajamas and/or slippers are also not permitted. Appropriate dress is that which is not offensive, distracting, nor does it present a safety hazard or disruption to the learning environment.

Food/Drink Outside of the Cafeteria

All food or drink brought to school for lunch should be kept in your locker or book bag until lunch. Closable water bottles may be carried and utilized by the students, but need to be of appropriate size. Half gallon or larger containers are prohibited. For extenuating circumstances (i.e. medical needs) the school nurse should be contacted (215-944-1332).

Student Parking (Seniors)

Only students who meet the criteria for the parking lottery and properly register their vehicles are permitted to park on school property.  Violation of parking/driving rules results in a fine of $10 per day and loss of driving privileges. Students submit parking applications in the spring prior to the academic year in which they are requesting. Information and documents become available late in the spring semester.

Alternate Bus Transportation

Occasionally students will ask to take district bus transportation to an alternate location in the bussing area. In order to do this the student will require a bus pass. Bus passes can be obtained at the corresponding grade level administrators office with a written note by a parent or guardian.