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Grading Policy Physical Education

Council Rock High School North

Physical Education Grading Policy

Skill Evaluation (20 points)

1.      This portion of the student’s grade is worth 20 points.

2.      Methods of evaluation may include:

a.       Skill test

b.      Alternate assessment

Knowledge Evaluation (20 points)

1.      This portion of the student’s grade is worth 20 points.

2.      Methods of evaluation may include:

a.       Written test

b.      Alternate assessment

Participation Evaluation (60 points)

1.      This portion of the student’s grade is worth 60 points.

2.      General expectations within this portion of the grade include:

a.      Students will be prepared for activity each class.

b.      Students will participate to the best of their abilities each class.

c.       Students will demonstrate sportsmanship, the ability to work productively in a group, and the ability to take the safety of self and others into consideration each class.

3.      The following circumstances may interfere with a student’s ability to earn the maximum participation points:

a.      Improper attire

Safety is an important concern and students will not be permitted to participate without proper attire.

b.      Attendance

There will be no deduction in points for the first two (2) absences in a marking period. Every class thereafter must be physically made up at clinic.

c.       Medical Excusal

·        Parent/Medical excusals should be handled as follows:

·        Parent excusals are acceptable for one (1) week. Must provide a signed note.

·        Doctor’s notes must be turned in within one (1) week of the start of the medical.

·        Students are expected to physically make up all missed classes by attending clinic.

·        If physical make-up is impossible due to long-term illness or injury, an alternate assignment will be given in order for the student to receive credit for Physical Education.

d.      Cutting class

·  If a student cuts class, that student will lose participation points and will not be permitted to make the class up. In addition, cutting class will result in disciplinary action.

e.      Low Level of Participation

·  Low level of participation, lack of participation, inability to work productively and safely, and/or inability to stay on task may result in a deduction in participation points.

f.        Lateness

·  If a student is not in class, the student cannot earn participation points. In addition, excessive lateness will result in disciplinary action.  These points may be made up.

Grading Policies:

1. Prepared for Class

  • To safely participate in physical education, students must have tied athletic sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, or sweatpants, and sweatshirt. If a student is unprepared for class, a 10 point deduction will occur. Only one (1) unprepared per marking period can be made up at clinic.

2. Attendance

  • If a student is absent it is a 0 point deduction for the first two (2) absences, every absence thereafter is a three (3) point deduction. All absences can be made up at clinic.

3. Medical/Parental Excused Absences

  • Possible 10 point deduction unless made-up after school or completion of alternate assignment assigned by P.E. staff.

4. Low Levels of Participation

  • Point deduction from participation grade.

5. Fitness Assessment

  • Fitness evaluation is part of the participation grade. If a student does not complete a fitness test required during a particular marking period, and does not have a valid doctor’s excuse, the student will have 5 points deducted from his/her grade per test.

Making Up Classes

Physical make-up classes MUST be completed to receive credit. Make-up classes are held after school from 2:30 – 3:00PM on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the weight room with a physical education teacher. All swimming make-ups must be completed in the swimming pool. It is the student’s responsibility to sign in and out with the supervising P.E. teacher. Students should be dressed for activity. Anticipated excused absences can be made up prior to the occurrence with the teacher’s permission.

CR NORTH Department Policies:

  1. Please remain in the locker-room until you are dismissed by a teacher.
  2. Please lock your valuables in your assigned locker or bring a lock from home to use on the tall lockers. The tall lockers are for daily use only.