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Music Department


Music Course Offerings:  

INTRODUCTION TO GUITAR Learn to play chords and melodies as you learn to read music, in an Alternate Day Course.  

INTERMEDIATE GUITAR For the guitar player who already reads music and chords.  Improve your skills in an Alternate Day Course.  

MUSIC THEATER Imagine performing on Broadway!  

MUSIC APPRECIATION For those who like to listen and talk about Music's impact in the world.  

IMPROVISATION Learn the language of Chords and Scales necessary to perform in public.  

MUSIC TECHNOLOGY Create your own sequences and recordings as you prepare for the studio world.  

MUSIC THEORY Love music but don't fully understand it?  This course teaches the notes, rhythms and chords, while preparing you for upper level music courses.  

AP MUSIC THEORY For College bound musicians who are serious about understanding music.  

HONORS MUSIC ARRANGING  Would you like to know how to write music for various ensembles?  This is the course for you.