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Summer Assignments

Below are links to the summer assignments for the Math Department.   There are three different assignments, so find the course you are taking next year and complete the packet underneath each heading.  For students entering Accelerated Analysis, Honors Analysis and Honors Study of Analysis, you will complete the same packet and there is a note guide to help with the packet completion as well as an answer key to check and correct your answers upon completion.   Students entering AP Calculus BC have a packet that reviews Algebra, Trig, Series and Limits.  There is a separate packet for students entering Accelerated Calculus or AP Calculus AB that focuses on Algebra and Trig.  These packets are strongly recommended for success in the course but will not be collected.

For Students Taking Accelerated Analysis, Honors Analysis, and Honors Study of Analysis Next Year

Summer Packet Questions for students entering Accelerated or Honors Analysis

Notes to help with the summer packet for Accelerated and Honors Analysis

Answer Key to Packet for Accelerated and Honors Analysis

For Students Taking Accelerated Calculus and AP Calculus AB Next Year  

Summer Packet for Accelerated Calculus and AP Calculus AB

Answer Key to Accelerated and AB Calculus Packet

For Students Taking AP Calculus BC Next Year

Summer Packet for AP Calculus BC