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Computer Science 1 Alt Day

Computer Science I & II    

When: Comp Sci I
            Comp Sci II
Where: Room 323
East Email Address:
Phone number: 215.944.1345  

Computer programming courses may satisfy up to one of the three mathematics credits required for graduation.

Course Description:

Grades 9-12. This course is open to all high school students who are at least taking Accelerated Algebra I and are interested in the study of computer programming. This entry-level course is taught using the c# (pronounced "see sharp") language, within the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET environment and will focus on the development of fundamental programming skills. The topics in the course of study include a review of the .NET Integrated Development Environment, basic structure and syntax of the C# language, an introduction to object-oriented design using classes and objects, decision making statements, iteration structures (loops), arrays, and string manipulation. The history of computers and programming will also briefly be discussed. Upon completion of Computer Science I with at least a "C", students are encouraged to move on to Computer Science II.      

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